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Total Number of Award Nominations: 12

Aurealis Awardsfor SF/F/H works published in Australia; juried
(7 nominations)

“The Birdsong Fossil” (Multispecies Cities: Solarpunk Urban Futures) — sf novella — nomination

“The Moon Collector” (Under the Full Moon's Light) — young adult short story — nomination

“The Wandering Library” (Ecopunk!) — sf novella — nomination

Squid's Grief (self-published) — sf novel — nomination

“Almost Days” (Insert Title Here) — fantasy short story — nomination

“The Heart of the Labyrinth” (In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett) — young adult short story — nomination

“Morning Star” (One Small Step) — young adult short story — nomination

Ditmar Awardsfor Australian SF/F, voted by members of Australian National SF Convention
(3 nominations)

“Junkyard Kraken” (Mother of Invention) — short story — nomination

Squid's Grief (self-published) — novel — nomination

— new talent — nomination

WSFA Small Press Awardfor short fiction from small press publications, voted by member of Washington SF Assn
(2 nominations)

“The Spider and the Stars” (Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers) — shortlist — nomination

“Morning Star” (One Small Step, an anthology of discoveries) — shortlist — nomination

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