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Winners announced: July 15, 2023
Convention: Readercon 21
Where: Quincy MA

Eligibility Year: 2022
  • Winner: What the Dead Know, Nghi Vo (Amazon Original Stories)
  • Azeman or, the Testament of Quincey Morris, Lisa Moore (Black Shuck)
  • “Challawa”, Usman T. Malik (Dark Stars: New Tales of Darkest Horror)
  • “Sweetbaby”, Thomas Ha (Clarkesworld Oct 2022)
  • “This Place is Best Shunned”, David Erik Nelson (
Short Fiction
  • Winner: “Pre-Simulation Consultation XF007867”, Kim Fu (Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century)
  • “Brother Maternitas”, Viktor Athelstan (Your Body is Not Your Body)
  • “The Church of Divine Electricity”, Emily Mitchell (The Southern Review)
  • “Dick Pig”, Ian Muneshwar (Nightmare Jan 2022)
  • “Halogen Sky”, Wendy N. Wagner (Vastarien Jun 2022)
  • Winner: We Are Here to Hurt Each Other, Paula D. Ashe (Nictitating)
  • And At My Back I Always Hear, Scott Nicolay (Word Horde)
  • Breakable Things, Cassandra Khaw (Undertow)
  • Hell Hath No Sorrow Like a Woman Haunted, RJ Joseph (The Seventh Terrace)
  • Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century, Kim Fu (Tin House)
  • Splendid Anatomies, Allison Wyss (Veliz)

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