Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume One

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Editor(s): Robert Silverberg

Publication: Doubleday 1970

This first volume of The Science Fiction Hall of Fame (though actually the word "The" is not part of the bibliographic title, on the title page), was a recognition by the Science Fiction Writers of America, as it was known then, formed in the mid-1960s, of all the stories published before the advent of the Nebula Awards, first awarded in 1966 for works published in 1965. Silverberg's introduction describes the process of conducting this survey of members for works up to 15,000 words published in 1964 or earlier. He also discusses some editorial decisions, to produce an anthology with no more than one story per author. Page numbers displayed here are taken from the SF Book Club edition, which may be slightly different than those in the original 1970 Doubleday edition.
  1. Stanley G. Weinbaum, “A Martian Odyssey” (Wonder Stories Jul 1934)
  2. John W. Campbell, Jr., “Twilight” (Astounding Nov 1934)
  3. Lester del Rey, “Helen O'Loy” (Astounding Dec 1938)
  4. Robert A. Heinlein, “The Roads Must Roll” (Astounding Jun 1940)
  5. Theodore Sturgeon, “Microcosmic God” (Astounding Apr 1941)
  6. Isaac Asimov, “Nightfall” (Astounding Sep 1941)
  7. A. E. van Vogt, “The Weapon Shop” (Astounding Dec 1942)
  8. Lewis Padgett, “Mimsy Were the Borogoves” (Astounding Feb 1943)
  9. Clifford D. Simak, “Huddling Place” (Astounding Jul 1944)
  10. Fredric Brown, “"Arena"” (Astounding Jun 1944)
  11. Murray Leinster, “First Contact” (Astounding May 1945)
  12. Judith Merril, “That Only a Mother” (Astounding Jun 1948)
  13. Cordwainer Smith, “Scanners Live in Vain” (Fantasy Book #6 1950)
  14. Ray Bradbury, “Mars Is Heaven!” (Planet Stories Fll 1948)
  15. C. M. Kornbluth, “The Little Black Bag” (Astounding Jul 1950)
  16. Richard Matheson, “Born of Man and Woman” (F&SF Sum 1950)
  17. Fritz Leiber, “Coming Attraction” (Galaxy Nov 1950)
  18. Anthony Boucher, “The Quest for Saint Aquin” (New Tales of Space and Time)
  19. James Blish, “Surface Tension” (Galaxy Aug 1952)
  20. Arthur C. Clarke, “The Nine Billion Names of God” (Star Science Fiction Stories)
  21. Jerome Bixby, “It's a Good Life” (Star Science Fiction Stories)
  22. Tom Godwin, “The Cold Equations” (Astounding Aug 1954)
  23. Alfred Bester, “Fondly Fahrenheit” (F&SF Aug 1954)
  24. Damon Knight, “The Country of the Kind” (F&SF Feb 1956)
  25. Daniel Keyes, “Flowers for Algernon” (F&SF Apr 1959)
  26. Roger Zelazny, “A Rose for Ecclesiastes” (F&SF Nov 1963)

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