The World Turned Upside Down

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David Drake, Eric Flint & Jim Baen, eds.

Baen, 2005

Baen books has, in recent decades, been more active than other US publishers in keeping classic, traditional science fiction in print. Here publisher Jim Baen and two authors associated with the publisher gather stories that had the most impact on them as they grew up in the 1950s and '60s.

  1. “Rescue Party”, Arthur C. Clarke (Astounding May 1946)
  2. “The Menace from Earth”, Robert A. Heinlein (F&SF Aug 1957)
  3. “Code Three”, Rick Raphael (Analog Feb 1963)
  4. “Hunting Problem”, Robert Sheckley (Galaxy Sep 1955)
  5. “Black Destroyer”, A. E. van Vogt (Astounding Jul 1939)
  6. “A Pail of Air”, Fritz Leiber (Galaxy Dec 1951)
  7. “Thy Rocks and Rills”, Robert Ernest Gilbert (If Sep 1953)
  8. “A Gun for Dinosaur”, L. Sprague de Camp (Galaxy Mar 1956)
  9. “Goblin Night”, James H. Schmitz (Analog Apr 1965)
  10. “The Only Thing We Learn”, C. M. Kornbluth (Startling Stories Jul 1949)
  11. “Trigger Tide”, Wyman Guin (Astounding Oct 1950)
  12. “The Aliens”, Murray Leinster (Astounding Aug 1959)
  13. “All the Way Back”, Michael Shaara (Astounding Jul 1952)
  14. “The Last Command”, Keith Laumer (Analog Jan 1967)
  15. “'Who Goes There?'”, John W. Campbell, Jr. (Astounding Aug 1938)
  16. “Quietus”, Ross Rocklynne (Astounding Sep 1940)
  17. “Answer”, Fredric Brown (Angels and Spaceships, 1954)
  18. “The Last Question”, Isaac Asimov (Science Fiction Quarterly Nov 1956)
  19. “The Cold Equations”, Tom Godwin (Astounding Aug 1954)
  20. “Shambleau”, C. L. Moore (Weird Tales Nov 1933)
  21. “Turning Point”, Poul Anderson (If May 1963)
  22. “Heavy Planet”, Lee Gregor (Astounding Aug 1939)
  23. “Omnilingual”, H. Beam Piper (Astounding Feb 1957)
  24. “The Gentle Earth”, Christopher Anvil (Astounding Nov 1957)
  25. “Environment”, Chester S. Geier (Astounding May 1944)
  26. “Liane the Wayfarer”, Jack Vance (The Dying Earth, 1950)
  27. “Spawn”, P. Schuyler Miller (Weird Tales Aug 1939)
  28. “St. Dragon and the George”, Gordon R. Dickson (F&SF Sep 1957)
  29. “Thunder and Roses”, Theodore Sturgeon (Astounding Nov 1947)

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