The Vintage Anthology of Science Fantasy

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Christopher Cerf, ed.

Vintage, 1966

This was a paperback original from the days when major publishers were dipping their toes into the science fiction and fantasy fields often with, as here, half-apologetic, half-defensive introductions: "This is not to claim that science fiction today has reached the status of great literature -- certainly, the majority of good science fantasy stories are written primarily to entertain. The point of this anthology is to illustrate that at least some of the body of work broadly classified as fantasy is literate, provocative, and absorbing."

Christopher Cerf was a son of Random House (publisher of Vintage Books) co-founder Bennett Cerf. He never did any other work in SF or fantasy again. The William Styron story here is original to this book.

  1. “The Great Automatic Grammatisator”, Roald Dahl (Someone Like You, 1953)
  2. “An Egg a Month from All Over”, Idris Seabright (F&SF Oct 1952)
  3. “There Will Come Soft Rains”, Ray Bradbury (Colliers May 6 1950)
  4. “And Now the News...”, Theodore Sturgeon (F&SF Dec 1956)
  5. “No-Sided Professor”, Martin Gardner (Esquire Jan 1947)
  6. “Random Quest”, John Wyndham (Consider Her Ways and Others, 1961)
  7. “The Rocket of 1955”, C. M. Kornbluth (Escape Aug 1939)
  8. “Something for Nothing”, Robert Sheckley (Galaxy Jun 1954)
  9. “The Death of the Sea”, Jose Maria Gironella
  10. “The Red White and Blue Rum Collins”, John C. M. Brust (Harvard Lampoon )
  11. “Pie in the Sky”, William Styron (The Vintage Anthology of Science Fantasy, 1966)
  12. “The Analogues”, Damon Knight (Astounding Jan 1952)
  13. “Immortality”, Fredric Brown (Gent Feb 1961)
  14. “Shadow Show”, Clifford D. Simak (F&SF Nov 1953)
  15. “Chronopolis”, J. G. Ballard (New Worlds Jun 1960)
  16. “Or All the Seas with Oysters”, Avram Davidson (Galaxy May 1958)
  17. “Patent Pending”, Arthur C. Clarke (Argosy Nov 1954)
  18. “I Kill Myself”, Julian Kawalec (The Modern Polish Mind, 1962)
  19. “The Men Who Murdered Mohammed”, Alfred Bester (F&SF Oct 1958)
  20. “A Canticle for Leibowitz”, Walter M. Miller, Jr. (F&SF Apr 1955)

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