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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Mar, Andrew
Marano, Michael
Marasco, Robert
Marcade, Jei D.
March, William
Marchand, Richard -C -T
Marchesani, Joseph
Marchetta, Melina
March-Russell, Paul
Marcinko, Thomas
Marcone, Vincent
Marcus, Carmen
Marcus, Daniel
Marcus, Gideon
Marcus, Leonard S.
Marden, Norma
Mares, Daniel
Maresca, Marshall Ryan
Marffin, Kyle
Margaret, Susan
Margulies, Leo
Maric, Karen
Marillier, Juliet -C -T
Marín, Rafael
Marinetti, Filippo
Marinkovich, Nick
Mariotte, Jeff
Marjesdatter, Rebecca
Mark, Jan
Mark, Steve
Marking, Steve
Marks, Corey
Marks, Jeffrey
Marks, John
Marks, Laurie J.
Marks, Winston K.
Markus, Christopher
Marley, Jake
Marley, Louise -C -T
Marlowe, Christopher
Marlowe, Webb
Maroney, Kevin J. -C
Maronski, Thomasz
Maroto, Esteban
Marquardt, Michelle -C -T
Marques, Pedro
Marquez, Gabriel
Marquis, Paul
Marr, Melissa
Marriotte, Jeff
Marryat, Frederick
Mars, Chris
Marsan, Stéphane
Marsden, John -C -T
Marsden, William
Marsh, Richard
Marsh, Willard
Marshall, Alan
Marshall, Alex
Marshall, Archibald
Marshall, Arisman
Marshall, Clare C.
Marshall, David
Marshall, Helen -C -T
Marshall, Jeremy
Marshall, Kate
Marshall, Laura
Marshall, Michael
Marshall-Jones, Simon
Marske, Freya
Marston, Anne
Martel, Suzanne
Martens, Paul
Marti-Ibanez, Felix
Martin, B. Diane
Martin, David
Martin, George R. R. -C -T
Martin, Ian Alexander
Martin, Janet
Martin, Jean
Martin, John
Martin, Kent
Martin, Laura DuPuy
Martin, Lew
Martin, Marcia
Martin, Michael A.
Martin, Patricia Preciado
Martin, Patrick
Martin, Pedro
Martin, Terry
Martin, Valerie
Martindale, Lee
Martindale, T. Chris
Martine, Arkady
Martine, Diane
Martinez, Buddy
Martinez, Christina Wood
Martínez, Rodolfo
Martiniere, Stephan -C -T
Martino, Joe
Martinson, Harry
Martsch, Nancy
Martynec, Denis
Marusek, David -C -T
Marvell, Andrew
Marvig, Crystal H.
Masciullo, Lucia
Masefield, John
Mashramani, Ras
Mason, Anita
Mason, Chris
Mason, David
Mason, Gary
Mason, Lisa -C -T
Mason, Rena -C -T
Mason, Sophie
Mason, Sue -C
Mass, Wendy
Massaro, Adrian
Massengill, Nathan
Massey, Claire
Massie, Elizabeth -C -T
Massin, Kain
Masson, David I.
Masson, Patrick
Masson, Sophie -C -T
Mastai, Elan
Masters, David
Masterson, Robert
Masterton, Andrew
Masterton, Graham -C -T
Mastin, John
Masuike, Yukari
Mateyko, G. M.
Mathe, Dorottya
Mather, Theresa
Matheson, Michael
Matheson, Richard -C -T
Matheson, Richard Christian
Mathews, Richard
Matschat, Cecile
Matson, Norman
Matsuda, Aoko
Matsumoto, Sharon
Matsuura, Thersa
Mattawa, Khaled
Matthais, Jon
Matthesen, Elise
Matthews, Brett
Matthews, Dr. Jaymie
Matthews, Jack
Matthews, Robbie
Matthews, Rodney
Matthews, Susan R. -C -T
Mattingly, David -C -T
Maturin, Charles
Matz, Marc
Matz, Mark
Matzner, Richard
Maugham, W. Somerset
Maughan, Tim
Maund, Kari
Maupassant, Guy de
Mauro, Laura -C -T
Maurois, Andre
Maury, Victor
Mavlo, Valeriy Aleksandrovich
Maxey, James
Maxim, John R.
Maxwell, Ann
Maxwell, Katharine & Darren
Maxwell, Lisa
May, Julian -C -T
May, Paula
Mayer, Douglas W. F.
Mayer, Edwina
Mayer, Frederick J. -C -T
Mayer, Lester
Mayer, Mercer
Mayersberg, Paul
Mayfield, Linda
Mayhar, Ardath
Mayhew, Joe -C
Mayhew, Julie
Maylon, Serena
Maynard, Iain
Maynard, L. H.
Maynard, Len
Mayne, William
Mayo, Eduardo Jiménez
Mayo, Margaret
Mays, Thomas A.
Mazzara, Glen
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