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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Coakley, Lena
Coates, Deborah
Coates, Robert M.
Coates, Ta-Nehisi
Coats, Yvonne
Cobalt, Kal
Cobban, J. MacLaren
Coblentz, Stanton A.
Cóceres, María Beatriz
Cochran, Molly
Cochran, Teresa
Cochran, William Stacey
Cochrane, William E.
Cockburn, D. J.
Cockroft, Cornelius
Cockshaw, John
Cocoman, Tracy
Coe, David B.
Coe, Jonathan
Coe, Sue
Coen, Ethan
Coen, Joel
Coen, Pip
Coetzee, J. M.
Coffin, Pierre
Coggins, Jack
Cogswell, Theodore R.
Cohen, Jack
Cohen, Jeffrey J.
Cohen, Jon
Cohen, Lucy
Cohen, Marina
Coker, John L. III
Colby, Bob
Colchie, Thomas
Coldsmith, Sherry
Cole, Adrian -C -T
Cole, Allan
Cole, Babette
Cole, Es
Cole, Everett B.
Cole, Jack
Cole, Jedd
Cole, Les
Cole, Myke
Cole, Robert William
Cole, Ryan
Cole, Steve
Coleborn, Peter -C -T
Colebrook, Martyn
Coleman, Claire G.
Coleman, Jeff
Coleman, Lucile
Coleman, Sidney
Coleridge, Sara
Colfer, Eoin
Colladay, Morrison F.
Collier, Chris
Collier, John
Collings, Michael R. -C -T
Collings, Michaelbrent
Collins, Billy
Collins, Charles
Collins, Gerard
Collins, Graham P.
Collins, Helen
Collins, Marcus
Collins, Michael
Collins [2], Michael
Collins, Nancy A. -C -T
Collins, Paul A. -C -T
Collins, Robert A. -C
Collins, Ron -C -T
Collins, Suzanne -C -T
Collins, Wenmimareba Klobah
Collins, Wilkie
Collodi, Carlo
Colombo, John Robert
Colston, Adam
Colter, Liz
Columbo, John Robert
Combs, Courtney
Comeau, J. L.
Comeau, Joey
Comp, T. Allan
Compton, D. G. -C -T
Compton, Stoney
Condon, Bill
Condon, Matthew
Condon, Richard
Conesa, Lisa
Coney, Michael G. -C -T
Conflux convention committee
Congreve, Bill -C -T
Conklin, Groff
Conley, Ralan
Conlon, Christopher
Connelly, John
Conner, Jeff
Conner, Michael
Conner, Miguel
Connolly, Flynn
Connolly, John
Connolly, Lawrence C.
Connolly, Roy
Connolly, Tina -C -T
Connors, Scott
Connors, Troy
Conover, Willis
Conquest, Robert
Conrad, Joseph
Conrad, Will
Conroy, Robert -C -T
Constable, Kate
Constant, Andrew
Constantine, Murray
Constantine, Storm -C -T
Contento, William G. -C -T
Continuum 2 convention committee
Continuum Committee
Contoski, Victor
Convers, Newell
Conyers, David -C -T
Cook, Benjamin
Cook, Glen -C -T
Cook, Hugh
Cook, Kenneth
Cook, Matthew
Cook, Paul
Cook, Paul H.
Cook, Rick -C -T
Cook, Robin
Cook, Stephen
Cook, William Wallace
Cool, Tom
Coombe, Warwick Fraser
Cooney, C. S. E.
Cooney, Michael
Cooper, Alice
Cooper, Astrid
Cooper, Brenda -C -T
Cooper, Brock
Cooper, Edmund
Cooper, Elspeth
Cooper, James
Cooper, Karen
Cooper, Loren W.
Cooper, Merian C.
Cooper, Ralph S.
Cooper, Simon
Cooper, Susan -C -T
Coovadia, Imraan
Coover, Robert
Cope, Lee
Coppard, A. E.
Coppel, Alfred
Copper Pig Writers' Society -C
Copper, Basil
Coppola, Francis Ford
Copy Red Leader
Coquio, Eloise
Corben, Richard -C -T
Corby, Adam
Corcoran, Travis J I
Cordero, Sebastián
Córdoba, Carlos Martínez
Cordova, Jason
Corelli, Marie
Coren, Alan
Corey, James S. A. -C -T
Corin, Lucy
Corlett, William
Corman, Roger
Cormick, Craig
Cormier, Robert
Cormier, Will
Cornah, Joshua
Cornell, Paul -C -T
Cornfield, Adam
Cornish, D. M. -C -T
Cornish, David
Cornish, Joe
Cornog, Martha
Cornthrwaite, Jordan
Corradi, Matthew
Correia, Larry
Correy, Lee
Cortazar, Julio
Cortes, Carlos J.
Cortiel, Jeanne
Coscarelli, Don
Cosimano, Elle
Cossel, Benjamin
Costain, Meredith
Costello, Matthew J.
Costikyan, Greg
Cote, Barry
Cotrina, Jose Antonio
Cotroneo, José Antonio
Cotter, Charis
Cottier, Dedier
Cotton, John
Couch, Chris
Coulson, Juanita -C
Coulson, Robert -C
Coulthart, John
Counihan, Deirdre
Counihan, Elizabeth
Counselman, Mary Elizabeth
Coupland, Douglas
Coupling, J. J.
Courtenay Grimwood, Jon -C -T
Cousin de Grainville, Jean-Baptiste
Coutras, Lisa
Couzens, Gary
Cova, Francesco
Cover, Arthur Byron
Coviello, Vincent-Michael
Coville, Bruce -C -T
Covington, Aaron
Covington, Bob
Cowan, Jim
Cowan, Sam
Cowart, David
Cowdrey, Albert E. -C -T
Cowen, David E.
Cowens, Debbie
Cowens, Matt
Cowens, Matt & Debbie
Cowper, Richard -C -T
Cowperthwaite, David
Cox, Andy -C -T
Cox, Damian
Cox, Deidra
Cox, Ed
Cox, Edward
Cox, Erle
Cox, F. Brett
Cox, H. Ed
Cox, Katharine
Cox, Tom
Coxon, Dan
Coxon, John
Coye, Lee Brown
Coyne, John
Crace, Jim
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