Anthology & Collection References - Raw Counts

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This tally is a raw count of titles referenced by the Anthologies so far compiled, listed at Anthologies & Collections Directory. This ranking will be refined as more sources are added, and sources are weighted.

9: Pohl, Frederik: Day Million
8: Asimov, Isaac: Nightfall
7: Blish, James: Common Time
7: Smith, Cordwainer: The Game of Rat and Dragon
6: Bisson, Terry: Bears Discover Fire
6: Campbell, John W., Jr.: 'Who Goes There?'
6: Kuttner, Henry: Mimsy Were the Borogoves
6: Kuttner, Henry: The Piper's Son
6: Russ, Joanna: When It Changed
6: Shaw, Bob: Light of Other Days
6: Simak, Clifford D.: Desertion
6: Weinbaum, Stanley G.: A Martian Odyssey
5: Bester, Alfred: Fondly Fahrenheit
5: Campbell, John W., Jr.: Twilight
5: Clarke, Arthur C.: The Sentinel
5: Davidson, Avram: The Golem
5: Forster, E. M.: The Machine Stops
5: Gibson, William: Burning Chrome
5: Godwin, Tom: The Cold Equations
5: Heinlein, Robert A.: 'All You Zombies—'
5: Kuttner, Henry: The Proud Robot
5: Kuttner, Henry: Vintage Season
5: Le Guin, Ursula K.: Nine Lives
5: McIntyre, Vonda N.: Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand
5: Russ, Joanna: Nobody's Home
5: Sturgeon, Theodore: Thunder and Roses
4: Aldiss, Brian W.: Poor Little Warrior!
4: Aldiss, Brian W.: Who Can Replace a Man?
4: Anderson, Poul: Call Me Joe
4: Bear, Greg: Blood Music
4: Bester, Alfred: The Men Who Murdered Mohammed
4: Bradbury, Ray: There Will Come Soft Rains
4: Butler, Octavia E.: Bloodchild
4: Clarke, Arthur C.: Rescue Party
4: Crowley, John: Snow
4: Delany, Samuel R.: Aye, and Gomorrah...
4: Dick, Philip K.: Faith of Our Fathers
4: Dick, Philip K.: We Can Remember It for You Wholesale
4: Ellison, Harlan: The Human Operators
4: Knight, Damon: The Country of the Kind
4: Leiber, Fritz: Coming Attraction
4: Martin, George R. R.: Sandkings
4: Merril, Judith: That Only a Mother
4: Pohl, Frederik: The Tunnel Under the World
4: Robinson, Spider: Stardance
4: Russ, Joanna: Souls
4: Sheldon, Raccoona: The Screwfly Solution
4: Sterling, Bruce: Swarm
4: Utley, Steven: Custer's Last Jump
4: Vance, Jack: The Moon Moth
4: Wells, H. G.: The Star
4: Wolfe, Gene: The Death of Dr. Island

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