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  • Gold Award: “Spacerace 2020”, James Jean (client: Nike / art director: Mark Thede)
  • Silver Award: “Vanguard: Saga of Heroes”, Donato Giancola (client: Sigil Games Online / art director: David Glibertson)
  • Gold Award: Jon Foster for 9Tail Fox by Jon Courtenay Grimwood (client: Night Shade Books / art director: Jeremy Lassen)
  • Silver Award: “The Giants”, Shaun Tan (The Arrival) (client: Lothian Books, Melbourne/ art director: Shaun Tan)
  • Gold Award: “Wanda--Lost”, Adam Hughes (client: Marvel Entertainment-Upper Deck / art director: Mark Irwin)
  • Silver Award: James Jean for Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall (client: Vertigo/DC Comics / art director: Shelly Bond)
Concept Art
  • Gold Award: “Crescent City”, Daniel Dociu (client: ArenaNet/Guildwars / art director: Daniel Dociu)
  • Silver Award: “The Circus Freako”, Jonny Duddle (client: Future Publishing Ltd.)
  • Gold Award: “Not Tested On”, Cam de Leon (client: Happy Pencil / art director: Cam de Leon)
  • Silver Award: “Cinnamon”, Rich Klink
  • Gold Award: “Crowdsourcing”, James Jean (client: Wired Magazine / art director: Jeremy Lacroix)
  • Silver Award: “Downtown”, Joao Ruas (client: Future Publishing Ltd. / art director: Rob Carney)
  • Gold Award: “October Shadows”, William Basso (client: Creatures Features / art director: William Basso)
  • Silver Award: “War of Angels”, Todd Lockwood (client: Bullseye Tattoos / art director: Rhyan Scorpio-Rhys)

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