Neil Barron, Anatomy of Wonder: A Critical Guide to Science Fiction, 5th edition

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This massive volume, the 5th edition of Neil Barron's Anatomy of Wonder, consists of annotated listings of thousands of significant books, including 'primary' (fiction) and 'secondary' (reference works, history, author studies, etc.) literature, as well as end-of-book Listings that indicate "Best Books" via advice from John Clute, Don D'Ammassa, James Gunn, and David Hartwell, with additional input from books by David Pringle and Shippey & Sobczak (Magill's Guide).

Ranked: No

Titles Cited: 1424

Publication: Libraries Unlimited, 2004

Compile Notes
Compiled so far are the 313 starred 'best books' from the Listings. Additional titles are listed here -->.

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