Visions of Wonder

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David G. Hartwell & Milton T. Wolf, eds.

Tor, 1996

Subtitled "The Science Fiction Research Association Anthology", this book is designed to serve as a textbook of current SF and fantasy (as of the mid-1990s). Selections include works by popular authors -- McCaffrey, Norton, Jordan -- and deliberately avoid most classic stories from the 1960s and before, given their appearance in so many earlier anthologies. The book features introductory critical essays to each section, by John W. Campbell, Jr., Judith Merril, Algis Budrys, and others, and concludes with "A Selective Guide to Scholarship" by Gary K. Wolfe.

  1. “The Ship Who Sang”, Anne McCaffrey (F&SF Apr 1961)
  2. “Blood Music”, Greg Bear (Analog Jun 1983)
  3. “Paperjack”, Charles de Lint (Cheap Street 1991)
  4. “Forever Yours, Anna”, Kate Wilhelm (Omni Jul 1987)
  5. “Mr. Boy”, James Patrick Kelly (IASFM Jun 1990)
  6. “Jamboree”, Jack Williamson (Galaxy Dec 1969)
  7. “The Death of Dr. Island”, Gene Wolfe (Universe 3, 1973)
  8. “Ender's Game”, Orson Scott Card (Analog Aug 1977)
  9. “Bears Discover Fire”, Terry Bisson (IASFM Aug 1990)
  10. “One Down, One to Go”, Philip Jose Farmer (F&SF Oct 1990)
  11. “Sur”, Ursula K. Le Guin (New Yorker Feb 1 1982)
  12. “Doing Lennon”, Gregory Benford (Analog Apr 1975)
  13. “A Tupolev Too Far”, Brian W. Aldiss (Other Edens III, 1989)
  14. “Them Old Hyannis Blues”, Judith Tarr (Alternate Kennedys, 1992)
  15. “Masque of the Red Shift”, Fred Saberhagen (If Nov 1965)
  16. “Redemption in the Quantum Realm”, Frederik Pohl (Asimov's Apr 1994)
  17. “Devil You Don't Know”, Dean Ing (Analog Jan 1978)
  18. The Eye of the World (extract), Robert Jordan (Tor 1990)
  19. “Split Light”, Lisa Goldstein (Travellers in Magic, 1994)
  20. “The Sun Spider”, Lucius Shepard (IASFM Apr 1987)
  21. “Souls”, Joanna Russ (F&SF Jan 1982)
  22. “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank”, John Varley (Galaxy May 1976)
  23. “The Girl Who Was Plugged In”, James Tiptree, Jr. (New Dimensions 3, 1973)
  24. “Burning Chrome”, William Gibson (Omni Jul 1982)
  25. “Identifying the Object”, Gwyneth Jones (Interzone #42 1990)
  26. “The Mountain to Mohammed”, Nancy Kress (IASFM Apr 1992)
  27. Wall, Stone, Craft, Walter Jon Williams (Pulphouse/Axolotl 1993)
  28. “Boobs”, Suzy McKee Charnas (Skin of the Soul, 1990)
  29. “Spider Silk”, Andre Norton (Flashing Swords! #3, 1976)
  30. “A Braver Thing”, Charles Sheffield (IASFM Feb 1990)
  31. “Getting Real”, Susan M. Shwartz (Newer York, 1991)
  32. “True Names”, Vernor Vinge (Binary Star, 1981)

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