The Space Opera Renaissance

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David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer, eds.

Tor, 2006

This book is to some extent a companion to the earlier Hard SF Renaissance but to a larger extent a parallel volume to that book and its predecessor The Ascent of Wonder; this book considers "space opera" as a separate entity from hard SF, and extends its purview back to the begining of the SF genre to show how stories that have been described by that label have changed, along with the reputation of the term. Stories thus range from 1929 into the beginning of the 21st century.

  1. “The Star Stealers”, Edmond Hamilton (Weird Tales Feb 1929)
  2. “The Prince of Space”, Jack Williamson (Amazing Jan 1931)
  3. “Enchantress of Venus”, Leigh Brackett (Planet Stories Fll 1949)
  4. “The Swordsmen of Varnis”, Clive Jackson (Slant Spr 1950)
  5. “The Game of Rat and Dragon”, Cordwainer Smith (Galaxy Oct 1955)
  6. Empire Star, Samuel R. Delany (Ace Double 1966)
  7. “Zirn Left Unguarded, the Jenghik Palace in Flames, Jon Westerley Dead”, Robert Sheckley (Nova 2, 1972)
  8. “Temptation”, David Brin (Far Horizons, 1999)
  9. “Ranks of Bronze”, David Drake (Galaxy Aug 1975)
  10. “Weatherman”, Lois McMaster Bujold (Analog Feb 1990)
  11. “A Gift from the Culture”, Iain M. Banks (Interzone #20 1987)
  12. “Orphans of the Helix”, Dan Simmons (Far Horizons, 1999)
  13. “The Well Wishers”, Colin Greenland (The Plenty Principle, 1997)
  14. “Escape Route”, Peter F. Hamilton (Interzone Jul 1997)
  15. “Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington”, David Weber (Changer of Worlds, 2001)
  16. “Aurora in Four Voices”, Catherine Asaro (Analog Dec 1998)
  17. “Ring Rats”, R. Garcia y Robertson (Asimov's Apr 2002)
  18. “The Death of Captain Future”, Allen Steele (Asimov's Oct 1995)
  19. “A Worm in the Well”, Gregory Benford (Analog Nov 1995)
  20. “The Survivor”, Donald Kingsbury (Man-Kzin Wars IV, 1991)
  21. “Fool's Errand”, Sarah Zettel (Analog May 1993)
  22. “The Shobies' Story”, Ursula K. Le Guin (Universe 1, 1990)
  23. “The Remoras”, Robert Reed (F&SF May 1994)
  24. “Recording Angel”, Paul J. McAuley (New Legends, 1995)
  25. “The Great Game”, Stephen Baxter (Asimov's Mar 2003)
  26. “Lost Sorceress of the Silent Citadel”, Michael Moorcock (Mars Probes, 2002)
  27. “Space Opera”, Michael Kandel (Omni Online Sep 1997)
  28. “Grist”, Tony Daniel (Asimov's Dec 1998)
  29. “The Movements of Her Eyes”, Scott Westerfeld (F&SF Apr 2000)
  30. “Spirey and the Queen”, Alastair Reynolds (Interzone #108 1996)
  31. “Bear Trap”, Charles Stross (Spectrum SF #1 2000)
  32. “Guest Law”, John C. Wright (Asimov's Jul 1997)

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