The Road to Science Fiction #2: From Wells to Heinlein

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James Gunn, ed.

Mentor, 1979

Beginning with The Road to Science Fiction: From Gilgamesh to Wells in 1977, James Gunn produced a total of six volumes of what are designed to be teaching anthologies, collections of stories presented in more-or-less chronological order, and couched by long introductions placing each story in its historical context, as well as reviewing the author's career and their significance in the field.

That first volume (which will be compiled here later) included an appendix, "A Basic Science-Fiction Library", that is still maintained here. This second volume ends with a Chronology of significant SF novels and stories. The third volumes includes an extensive index of the first three volumes.

  1. “The New Accelerator”, H. G. Wells (The Strand Dec 1901)
  2. “The Machine Stops”, E. M. Forster (Oxford and Cambridge Review Nov 1909)
  3. The Chessmen of Mars (extract), Edgar Rice Burroughs (A C McClurg and Co 1922)
  4. “The People of the Pit”, A. Merritt (All-Story Weekly Jan 5 1918)
  5. “The Red One”, Jack London (Cosmopolitan Oct 1918)
  6. “Dagon”, H. P. Lovecraft (The Vagrant Nov 1919)
  7. “The Tissue-Culture King”, Julian Huxley (The Yale Review Apr 1926)
  8. “The Revolt of the Pedestrians”, David H. Keller (Amazing Feb 1928)
  9. Last and First Men (extract), Olaf Stapledon (Methuen 1930)
  10. Brave New World (extract), Aldous Huxley (Chatto & Windus 1932)
  11. “A Martian Odyssey”, Stanley G. Weinbaum (Wonder Stories Jul 1934)
  12. “Twilight”, John W. Campbell, Jr. (Astounding Nov 1934)
  13. “Proxima Centauri”, Murray Leinster (Astounding Mar 1935)
  14. “What's It Like Out There?”, Edmond Hamilton (Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec 1952)
  15. “With Folded Hands...”, Jack Williamson (Astounding Jul 1947)
  16. “Hyperpilosity”, L. Sprague de Camp (Astounding Apr 1938)
  17. “The Faithful”, Lester del Rey (Astounding Apr 1938)
  18. “Black Destroyer”, A. E. van Vogt (Astounding Jul 1939)
  19. “Nightfall”, Isaac Asimov (Astounding Sep 1941)
  20. “Requiem”, Robert A. Heinlein (Astounding Jan 1940)

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