The Best of the Best: 20 Years of the Year's Best Science Fiction

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Gardner Dozois, ed.

St. Martin's Griffin, 2005

Gardner Dozois did two more big anthologies, "best of best" selections drawn from his first 20 Best of the Year anthologies done for Bluejay and then St. Martin's. (He did five earlier, shorter, best of the year volumes for Dutton, succeding Lester del Rey.) This first volume includes stories published from 1983 to 2002, and as you might expect, there are indeed some overlaps with this Modern Classics volumes published from 1992 to 1997, also by St. Martin's.

  1. “Blood Music”, Greg Bear (Analog Jun 1983)
  2. “A Cabin on the Coast”, Gene Wolfe (F&SF Feb 1984)
  3. “Salvador”, Lucius Shepard (F&SF Apr 1984)
  4. “Trinity”, Nancy Kress (IASFM Oct 1984)
  5. “Flying Saucer Rock & Roll”, Howard Waldrop (Omni Jan 1985)
  6. “Dinner in Audoghast”, Bruce Sterling (IASFM May 1985)
  7. “Roadside Rescue”, Pat Cadigan (Omni Jul 1985)
  8. “Snow”, John Crowley (Omni Nov 1985)
  9. “The Winter Market”, William Gibson (Vancouver Nov 1985)
  10. “The Pure Product”, John Kessel (IASFM Mar 1986)
  11. “Stable Strategies for Middle Management”, Eileen Gunn (IASFM Jun 1988)
  12. “Kirinyaga”, Mike Resnick (F&SF Nov 1988)
  13. “Tales from the Venia Woods”, Robert Silverberg (F&SF Oct 1989)
  14. “Bears Discover Fire”, Terry Bisson (IASFM Aug 1990)
  15. “Even the Queen”, Connie Willis (IASFM Apr 1992)
  16. “Guest of Honor”, Robert Reed (F&SF Jun 1993)
  17. “None So Blind”, Joe Haldeman (Asimov's Nov 1994)
  18. “Mortimer Gray's History of Death”, Brian Stableford (Asimov's Apr 1995)
  19. “The Lincoln Train”, Maureen F. McHugh (F&SF Apr 1995)
  20. “Wang's Carpets”, Greg Egan (New Legends, 1995)
  21. “Coming of Age in Karhide by Sov Thade Tage em Ereb, of Rer, in Karhide, on Gethen”, Ursula K. Le Guin (New Legends, 1995)
  22. “The Dead”, Michael Swanwick (Starlight 1, 1996)
  23. “Recording Angel”, Ian McDonald (Interzone Feb 1996)
  24. “A Dry, Quiet War”, Tony Daniel (Asimov's Jun 1996)
  25. “The Undiscovered”, William Sanders (Asimov's Mar 1997)
  26. “Second Skin”, Paul J. McAuley (Asimov's Apr 1997)
  27. “Story of Your Life”, Ted Chiang (Starlight 2, 1998)
  28. “People Came from Earth”, Stephen Baxter (Moon Shots, 1999)
  29. “The Wedding Album”, David Marusek (Asimov's Jun 1999)
  30. “1016 to 1”, James Patrick Kelly (Asimov's Jun 1999)
  31. “Daddy's World”, Walter Jon Williams (Not of Woman Born, 1999)
  32. “The Real World”, Steven Utley (Sci Fiction website Aug 30 2000)
  33. “Have Not Have”, Geoff Ryman (F&SF Apr 2001)
  34. “Lobsters”, Charles Stross (Asimov's Jun 2001)
  35. “Breathmoss”, Ian R. MacLeod (Asimov's May 2002)
  36. “Lambing Season”, Molly Gloss (Asimov's Jul 2002)

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