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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Ruan, Feifei
Ruane, Deirdre
Ruas, Joao
Rubenstein, Gillian
Rubenstein, Norman
Ruber, Peter
Rubião, Murilo
Rubin, Carly
Rubin, Jay
Rubin, Rick
Rubino, Ralph
Rubinstein, Gillian
Ruby, B. F.
Ruby, Laura
Rucka, Greg
Rucker, Lynda E.
Rucker, Rudy
Rud, Anthony M.
Ruddell, Gary
Ruddick, Nicholas
Rudnicki, Stefan
Rudolph, Ken
Rudolph, Mark
Ruff, Matt
Ruhemann, Andrew
Ruhen, Olaf
Ruhlig, William
Rulfo, Juan
Runté, Robert
Runyon, Charles
Runyon, Damon
Ruocchio, Christopher
Ruppel, Robh
Ruppert, Conrad
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
Rush, John
Rush, Norman
Rushdie, Salman
Ruskin, Elan
Ruskin, John
Russ, J. J.
Russ, Joanna
Russell, Alan K.
Russell, Bertrand
Russell, Craig
Russell, Eric Frank
Russell, J. S.
Russell, Jay
Russell, Kaleb
Russell, Karen
Russell, Mary Doria
Russell, P. Craig
Russell, R. B.
Russell, Ray
Russell, Samuel D.
Russell, Sean
Russell, Shawn E.
Russo Design, Carol
Russo, Carol
Russo, John
Russo, Patricia
Russo, Richard Paul
Russon, Penni
Rust, Ned
Rustad, A. Merc
Ruth, Greg
Rutherford, Michael
Rutkoski, Marie
Rutsala, Vern
Ruwe, Donelle R.
Ruz, Christopher
Ryabets, Ludmila
Ryan de Heredia, Tomas L.
Ryan, Alan
Ryan, Charles C.
Ryan, Jackie
Ryan, Lindy
Rydell, Cory
Rydill, Jessica
Rydyr, Antoinette
Rye, Lisa
Ryles, Carol
Ryman, Geoff
Ryman, James
Rymer, James Malcolm
Rymer, Michael
Rysdyk, Leonard
Rzasa, Steve
Rzhanov, Yevgeny
Saab, Sara
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