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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Paasilinna, Arto
Pablos, Sergio
Pace, Tom
Pachter, Josh
Pacín, Vladimir Hernández
Pacitti, Fabrizio
Packer, John -C
Padgett, Lewis
Paffenroth, Kim
Page, Gerald W. -C -T
Page, Michael R.
Page, Ra
Page, Shannon
Pagel, Stephen -C -T
Paget, Colum
Paine, Michael
Paiva, Jean
Pak, Chris
Pakidko, Douglas
Palahniuk, Chuck -C -T
Palencar, John Jude -C -T
Paleo, Lyn
Palinko, Karen
Palisano, John -C -T
Pallot, Terry
Palmatier, Joshua
Palmer, Ada -C -T
Palmer, Chase
Palmer, Dave
Palmer, David R. -C -T
Palmer, Dexter
Palmer, Raymond A. -C
Palmer, Suzanne -C -T
Palmer-Lister, Cathy
Paltock, Robert
Palumbo, Anthony
Palumbo, David -C -T
Palumbo, Donald
Palwick, Susan -C -T
Pamelina H
Pancake, David Lee
Panchyk, Dave
Pancoast, Ryan
Panegyres, Anthony
Panepinto, Lauren -C -T
Pangborn, Edgar -C -T
Pangborn, Mary
Paniccia, Jana
Panitch, Mimi
Panshin, Alexei -C -T
Panshin, Cory
Pantazis, Steve
Panzino, Dustin D.
Paolini, Christopher
Paquette, Aaron
Paramonov, Alex
Pardoe, Rosemary -C -T
Paretsky, Sara
Parish-Whittaker, David
Parisi, Susan
Parisien, Dominik -C -T
Park, Jason
Park, Paul -C -T
Park, Ruth
Park, Severna -C -T
Parker, Bill
Parker, Jake
Parker, John
Parker, K. J. -C -T
Parker, Nathan
Parker, Richard
Parker, Rosalie -C -T
Parker, Sarah
Parker, Shane
Parkes, Michael -C -T
Parkin, Scott R.
Parkinson, Bob
Parkinson, Keith -C -T
Parkinson, T. L.
Parks, Joy
Parks, Morgan
Parks, Phil
Parks, Richard -C -T
Parra, Albert Solanes
Parrillo, Lucio
Parrish, Maxfield
Parry, Glyn
Partridge, Norman -C -T
Pascal, Francine
Pascoe, Nyssa
Pasechnick, Steve
Passarella, J. G.
Pasternak, Robert
Pastrana, Jason
Paterson, Derek
Paton Walsh, Jill
Patri, Scott
Patrick, Den
Patrick, Erin
Patrick, Lee F.
Patten, Fred -C
Patterson, Ama
Patterson, James
Patterson, Kent
Patterson, Teresa -C
Patterson, William H., Jr.
Patton, Fiona
Patton, Regina
Patton, Ripley
Paul, Cinco
Paul, Frank R.
Paull, Laline
Paulos, Jason
Pauls, Ted
Paulsen, Steven -C -T
Pautz, Peter D.
Paver, Michelle
Pavey, Jack
Pavic, Milorad
Pavlat, Bob & Peggy Rae
Pavletich, Maree
Pavletich, Matthew
Paxson, Diana L. -C -T
Payack, Peter
Payne, Ben
Payne, C. F.
Payne, Francis
Payne, Michael H. -C -T
Payne, Rebecca J.
Payseur, Charles
Payton, Mark
Payton, Taylor
Paz, Octavio
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