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Names with 20 or more awards and/or judges credits are in bold. Those with 5 or more award records include additional pages arranged chronologically (-C) and, for book and story titles, by title (-T), as indicated by links.
Ho, David
Ho, Millie
Hoagland, Ericka
Hoagland, Richard C.
Hoak, Deanna
Hoang, Lily
Hoban, Russell -C -T
Hobb, Robin -C -T
Hobbs, Bob
Hobson, M. K.
Hoch, Edward D.
Hodder, Bridget
Hodder, Mark
Hodder-Williams, Christopher
Hodge, Alister
Hodge, Brian -C -T
Hodgell, P. C. -C -T
Hodges, Brian
Hodges, Larry
Hodges, Mike
Hodgins, Debbie
Hodgins, Roderic C.
Hodgkinson, Marie
Hodgman, Jan
Hodgson, Sheila
Hodgson, W. J. -C
Hodgson, William Hope
Hodous, Mike
Hoffert, Martin I.
Hoffman, Ada
Hoffman, Alice
Hoffman, Barry -C -T
Hoffman, Jay
Hoffman, Lee -C
Hoffman, Mary
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki -C -T
Hoffmann, Ada
Hoffmann, E. T. A.
Hofstadter, Douglas R.
Hog, The Whole
Hogan, Chuck
Hogan, Ernest
Hogan, James P. -C -T
Hogan, Mitchell
Hogan, Sean
Hogarth, MCA
Hoge, Robert
Hogg, Anthony
Hogg, James
Holappa, Pentti
Holberg, Ludvig
Holborn, Stark
Holden, Fox B.
Holden, Rebecca J.
Holder, Nancy -C -T
Holdstock, Robert -C -T
Holkham, Tony
Holkner, Rachel
Holland, Brad
Holland, C. L.
Holland, Cecelia -C -T
Holland, Lucy
Holland, Noy
Holland, Steve
Hollander, Amanda
Hollander, Joel A.
Hollinger, Veronica -C -T
Hollis, H. H.
Holloway, G. K.
Hollowell, Sarah
Holly, Emma
Holly, J. Hunter
Holly, Joan C.
Holm, John
Holman, Judith
Holman, Sheri
Holman, Tim
Holmberg, John-Henri
Holmen, Rachel
Holmes, B. L.
Holmes, Bruce T.
Holmes, Carly
Holmes, Christian
Holmes, H. H.
Holmes, J. F.
Holmes, Julia
Holmes, Morgan
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Holohan, Amanda
Holt, Erika
Holt, John
Holt, Kay
Holt, Tom
Holt-White, William
Holzer, Erika
Holzer, James William
Home, William Scott
Honeck, Butch & Susan
Honegger, Thomas M.
Honeycombe, Gordon
Hong, Jay
Hong, Sija
Honigman, Charlotte
Hood, Daniel
Hood, Martha A.
Hood, Robert -C -T
Hook, Andrew -C -T
Hooper, Andrew -C
Hooper, Jeanette M.
Hooper, Walter
Hoover, H. M.
Hope, Akua Lezli
Hopkins, Brian A. -C -T
Hopkins, Kevin
Hopkins, Sarah
Hopkinson, Elizabeth
Hopkinson, Nalo -C -T
Hoppe, Stephanie T.
Hoppenstand, Gary
Hopper, Mia
Horak, Ales
HorŠkovŠ, Erin
Hormazabal, Roberto Sanhueza
Horn, Stewart
Horne, Brian
Horne, Daniel
Hornick, Alysa
Hornig, Charles D.
Horowitz, Anthony
Horowitz, Jessica J.
Horrocks, Dylan
Horsfall, Simon
Horsley, Ralph
Horsting, Jessie
Horstkotte, Martin
Horton, Rich -C -T
Horwood, Sharman
Horwood, William
Hosek, James
Hoskin, Rik
Hoskins, Robert
Hossain, Rokeya Sakhawat
Hossain, Saad Z.
HŲst, Andrea K -C -T
Hostetter, Carl F.
Hotston, Stewart
Houarner, Gerard Daniel
Houellebecq, Michel
Hough, Jason M.
Hough, John
Houghton, Claude
Houghton, Gordon
Houghton, John Wm.
Houle, Guillaume
Hounsom, Lucy
House, David C.
Household, Geoffrey
Houser, Nik
Housman, A. E.
Housman, Ariela
Houssin, JoŽl
Houston, James D.
Howard, Byron
Howard, Chris
Howard, David
Howard, Hayden
Howard, James
Howard, Jeff
Howard, John
Howard, Jonathan
Howard, Jonathan L.
Howard, Kat
Howard, Richard
Howard, Robert E. -C -T
Howard, Thomas
Howarth, Dan
Howarth, Lesley
Howe, David J. -C -T
Howe, John -C -T
Howe, Robert J.
Howe, Steven D.
Howell, Dave
Howell, John
Howell, John and Lynelle
Howell, Joseph
Howell, Lynelle
Howey, Hugh
Howison, Del -C -T
Howkins, Elizabeth
Howle, Leslie
Hoy, Dan
Hoyle, Fred
Hoyt, Sarah A. -C -T
Hoyuelos, Miguiel Luis
Hrolda, Jean
Hromic, Alma
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