Harry Turtledove

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Citations Summary

Total Number of Citations: 15


Number of Titles Cited: 12

Number of Citation Sources: 6



American Empire: Blood and Iron (Ballantine Del Rey, 2001)

Colonization: Second Contact (Del Rey, 1999)

The Great War: American Front (Ballantine Del Rey, 1998)

Settling Accounts: Return Engagement (Ballantine Del Rey, 2004)

Worldwar: In the Balance (Ballantine Del Rey, 1994)

The Guns of the South (Ballantine, 1992)

How Few Remain (Del Rey, 1997)

Ruled Britannia (New American Library, 2002)

Worldwar: In the Balance (Ballantine Del Rey, 1994)

A Different Flesh (Congdon & Weed, 1988)

Prince of the North (Baen, 1994)

Werenight (Belmont/Tower, 1979)

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