Barbara Hambly

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Citations Summary

Total Number of Citations: 12


Number of Titles Cited: 10

Number of Citation Sources: 4



Those Who Hunt the Night (Ballantine Del Rey, 1988)

Bride of the Rat God (Ballantine Del Rey, 1994)

The Ladies of Mandrigyn (Ballantine Del Rey, 1984)

The Rainbow Abyss (Grafton, 1991)

The Silent Tower (Ballantine Del Rey, 1986)

Those Who Hunt the Night (Ballantine Del Rey, 1988)

The Time of the Dark (Del Rey, 1982)

Beauty and the Beast (Avon, 1989)

Dragonsbane (Ballantine Del Rey, 1986)

Song of Orpheus (Avon, 1990)

The Windrose Chronicles (series, 1993)

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