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This tally is a raw count of titles referenced by the Citation Sources so far compiled, listed at Citations Directory. This ranking will be refined as more sources are added, and sources are weighted.

10: Spinrad, Norman: Bug Jack Barron
10: Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris: Roadside Picnic
10: Tepper, Sheri S.: Grass
10: van Vogt, A. E.: The Voyage of the Space Beagle
10: Wells, H. G.: When the Sleeper Wakes
10: Zelazny, Roger: Nine Princes in Amber
10: Zelazny, Roger: This Immortal
9: Amis, Kingsley: The Alteration
9: Beresford, J. D.: The Hampdenshire Wonder
9: Brooks, Terry: The Sword of Shannara
9: Bulwer-Lytton, Edward: The Coming Race
9: Burroughs, William S.: Naked Lunch
9: Butler, Octavia E.: Dawn
9: Butler, Octavia E.: Kindred
9: Capek, Karel: War with the Newts
9: Carroll, Lewis: Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
9: Carter, Angela: The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman
9: Carter, Angela: The Passion of New Eve
9: Crowley, John: Engine Summer
9: Dick, Philip K.: A Scanner Darkly
9: Dick, Philip K.: Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said
9: Disch, Thomas M.: On Wings of Song
9: Egan, Greg: Permutation City
9: Gaiman, Neil: American Gods
9: Gardner, John: Grendel
9: Gibson, William: Burning Chrome
9: Goldman, William: The Princess Bride
9: Heinlein, Robert A.: The Past Through Tomorrow
9: Le Guin, Ursula K.: The Word for World Is Forest
9: Leiber, Fritz: The Big Time
9: London, Jack: The Iron Heel
9: Malzberg, Barry N.: Beyond Apollo
9: Matheson, Richard: The Shrinking Man
9: McHugh, Maureen F.: China Mountain Zhang
9: Pangborn, Edgar: A Mirror for Observers
9: Pangborn, Edgar: Davy
9: Priest, Christopher: Inverted World
9: Shiel, M. P.: The Purple Cloud
9: Silverberg, Robert: Downward to the Earth
9: Sturgeon, Theodore: Venus Plus X
9: Suskind, Patrick: Perfume
9: Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.: Galápagos
9: Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.: Player Piano
9: Wilde, Oscar: The Picture of Dorian Gray
9: Wilhelm, Kate: Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
9: Wolfe, Bernard: Limbo
9: Wolfe, Gene: The Fifth Head of Cerberus
9: Zelazny, Roger: The Dream Master
8: Aldiss, Brian W.: Barefoot in the Head: A European Fantasia
8: Anderson, Poul: The Broken Sword
8: Anderson, Poul: Three Hearts and Three Lions
8: Asimov, Isaac: The End of Eternity
8: Brin, David: Earth
8: Brin, David: The Postman
8: Brunner, John: The Shockwave Rider
8: Burroughs, Edgar Rice: Tarzan of the Apes
8: Carter, Angela: Nights at the Circus
8: Christopher, John: The Death of Grass
8: Clarke, Arthur C.: The Fountains of Paradise
8: Clifton, Mark: They'd Rather Be Right
8: Crichton, Michael: The Andromeda Strain
8: de Camp, L. Sprague: The Incomplete Enchanter
8: Dick, Philip K.: Time Out of Joint
8: Dick, Philip K.: VALIS
8: Donaldson, Stephen R.: Lord Foul's Bane
8: Donaldson, Stephen R.: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever
46: Pohl, Frederik: The Space Merchants
40: Herbert, Frank: Dune
40: Orwell, George: Nineteen Eighty-Four
37: Huxley, Aldous: Brave New World
36: Miller, Walter M., Jr.: A Canticle for Leibowitz
34: Bradbury, Ray: The Martian Chronicles
34: Heinlein, Robert A.: Stranger in a Strange Land
34: Le Guin, Ursula K.: The Left Hand of Darkness
32: Bester, Alfred: The Stars My Destination
32: Clarke, Arthur C.: Childhood's End
32: Shelley, Mary: Frankenstein
32: Wells, H. G.: The Time Machine
30: Burgess, Anthony: A Clockwork Orange
30: Gibson, William: Neuromancer
29: Bradbury, Ray: Fahrenheit 451
29: Niven, Larry: Ringworld
29: Sturgeon, Theodore: More Than Human
28: Adams, Douglas: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
28: Niven, Larry: The Mote in God's Eye
28: Wells, H. G.: The War of the Worlds
27: Bester, Alfred: The Demolished Man
27: Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Lord of the Rings
27: Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.: Slaughterhouse-Five
26: Dick, Philip K.: The Man in the High Castle
25: Brunner, John: Stand on Zanzibar
25: Dick, Philip K.: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
25: Haldeman, Joe: The Forever War
25: Stapledon, Olaf: Last and First Men
24: Clement, Hal: Mission of Gravity
24: Gibson, William: The Difference Engine
24: Le Guin, Ursula K.: The Dispossessed
24: Wyndham, John: The Day of the Triffids
23: Asimov, Isaac: I, Robot
23: Card, Orson Scott: Ender's Game
23: Heinlein, Robert A.: Starship Troopers
23: Lem, Stanislaw: Solaris
22: Atwood, Margaret: The Handmaid's Tale
22: Healy, Raymond J.: Adventures in Time and Space
21: Keyes, Daniel: Flowers for Algernon
21: Pohl, Frederik: Gateway
20: Asimov, Isaac: The Foundation Trilogy [series]
20: Blish, James: A Case of Conscience
20: Clarke, Arthur C.: Rendezvous with Rama
20: Heinlein, Robert A.: The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
20: Stapledon, Olaf: Star Maker
20: van Vogt, A. E.: Slan
20: Zelazny, Roger: Lord of Light
19: Adams, Richard: Watership Down
19: Asimov, Isaac: The Caves of Steel
19: Benford, Gregory: Timescape
19: Delany, Samuel R.: Dhalgren
19: McCaffrey, Anne: Dragonflight
19: Simak, Clifford D.: City
19: Simmons, Dan: Hyperion
19: Stephenson, Neal: Snow Crash
19: Stewart, George R.: Earth Abides
19: Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.: Cat's Cradle
19: Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.: The Sirens of Titan
18: Ballard, J. G.: The Drowned World
18: Burroughs, Edgar Rice: A Princess of Mars
18: Carroll, Lewis: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
18: Clarke, Arthur C.: 2001: A Space Odyssey
18: Clarke, Arthur C.: The City and the Stars
18: Farmer, Philip Jose: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
18: Golding, William: Lord of the Flies
18: Orwell, George: Animal Farm
18: Robinson, Kim Stanley: Red Mars
18: Wells, H. G.: The Island of Dr. Moreau
18: Willis, Connie: Doomsday Book
18: Wolfe, Gene: The Book of the New Sun [series]
17: Lindsay, David: A Voyage to Arcturus
17: Matheson, Richard: I Am Legend
17: Russ, Joanna: The Female Man
17: Silverberg, Robert: Dying Inside
17: Simak, Clifford D.: Way Station
17: Stevenson, Robert Louis: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
17: Verne, Jules: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
16: Aldiss, Brian W.: Hothouse
16: Crowley, John: Little, Big
16: Dick, Philip K.: Ubik
16: Ellison, Harlan: The Essential Ellison: A 35-Year Retrospective
16: Lewis, C. S.: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
16: Mieville, China: Perdido Street Station
16: Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Hobbit
16: Vance, Jack: The Dying Earth
16: Verne, Jules: Journey to the Center of the Earth
16: Zamyatin, Yevgeny: We
15: Beagle, Peter S.: The Last Unicorn
15: Bear, Greg: Blood Music
15: Bradley, Marion Zimmer: The Mists of Avalon
15: Dick, Philip K.: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
15: Disch, Thomas M.: Camp Concentration
15: Heinlein, Robert A.: Double Star
15: King, Stephen: The Stand
15: Roberts, Keith: Pavane
15: Stoker, Bram: Dracula
15: Verne, Jules: From the Earth to the Moon
15: White, T. H.: The Once and Future King
15: Wyndham, John: The Midwich Cuckoos
14: Brin, David: Startide Rising
14: Budrys, Algis: Rogue Moon
14: de Camp, L. Sprague: Lest Darkness Fall
14: Gilman, Charlotte Perkins: Herland
14: Hoban, Russell: Riddley Walker
14: Vinge, Vernor: A Fire Upon The Deep
13: Asimov, Isaac: The Gods Themselves
13: Ballard, J. G.: The Crystal World
13: Banks, Iain M.: Consider Phlebas
13: Cherryh, C. J.: Downbelow Station
13: Ellison, Harlan: Dangerous Visions
13: Ellison, Harlan: Deathbird Stories
13: Harrison, Harry: Make Room! Make Room!
13: Jackson, Shirley: The Haunting of Hill House
13: Le Guin, Ursula K.: A Wizard of Earthsea
13: Moore, Ward: Bring the Jubilee
13: Rice, Anne: Interview with the Vampire
13: Smith, Cordwainer: Norstrilia
13: Stapledon, Olaf: Odd John
13: Twain, Mark: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
13: Wells, H. G.: The First Men in the Moon
13: Wells, H. G.: The Invisible Man
12: Aldiss, Brian W.: Non-Stop
12: Asimov, Isaac: Foundation
12: Bellamy, Edward: Looking Backward 2000-1887
12: Bradbury, Ray: The Illustrated Man
12: Brunner, John: The Sheep Look Up
12: Delany, Samuel R.: Babel-17
12: Dick, Philip K.: Martian Time-Slip
12: Doyle, Arthur Conan: The Lost World
12: Eddison, E. R.: The Worm Ouroboros
12: Finney, Jack: Time and Again
12: Heinlein, Robert A.: The Door Into Summer
12: L'Engle, Madeleine: A Wrinkle in Time
12: Lewis, C. S.: Out of the Silent Planet
12: Padgett, Lewis: Mutant
12: Pynchon, Thomas: Gravity's Rainbow
12: Rushdie, Salman: Midnight's Children
12: Swift, Jonathan: Gulliver's Travels
12: van Vogt, A. E.: The World of Null-A
12: Wolfe, Gene: The Shadow of the Torturer
12: Wylie, Philip: When Worlds Collide
12: Wyndham, John: The Chrysalids
11: Abbott, Edwin A.: Flatland
11: Anderson, Poul: Brain Wave
11: Baum, L. Frank: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
11: Bear, Greg: Eon
11: Blish, James: Cities in Flight [series; book 1970]
11: Brackett, Leigh: The Long Tomorrow
11: Bradbury, Ray: Something Wicked This Way Comes
11: Bulgakov, Mikhail: The Master and Margarita
11: Capek, Karel: R.U.R.: Rossum's Universal Robots
11: Cherryh, C. J.: Cyteen
11: Delany, Samuel R.: Nova
11: Grahame, Kenneth: The Wind in the Willows
11: Haggard, H. Rider: She
11: Hodgson, William Hope: The House on the Borderland
11: King, Stephen: The Shining
11: Kress, Nancy: Beggars in Spain
11: Lovecraft, H. P.: At the Mountains of Madness
11: Panshin, Alexei: Rite of Passage
11: Powers, Tim: The Anubis Gates
11: Pratchett, Terry: The Colour of Magic
11: Shepard, Lucius: Life During Wartime
11: Stephenson, Neal: The Diamond Age
11: Sterling, Bruce: Schismatrix
11: Tepper, Sheri S.: The Gate to Women's Country
11: Tiptree, James, Jr.: Her Smoke Rose Up Forever
11: Watson, Ian: The Embedding
10: Aldiss, Brian W.: Greybeard
10: Aldiss, Brian W.: Helliconia Spring
10: Anderson, Poul: Tau Zero
10: Ballard, J. G.: Crash
10: Ballard, J. G.: The Atrocity Exhibition
10: Bishop, Michael: No Enemy But Time
10: Cadigan, Pat: Synners
10: Card, Orson Scott: Speaker for the Dead
10: Charnas, Suzy McKee: Walk to the End of the World
10: Clarke, Susanna: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
10: Crichton, Michael: Jurassic Park
10: de Camp, L. Sprague: The Compleat Enchanter: The Magical Misadventures of Harold Shea
10: Delany, Samuel R.: The Einstein Intersection
10: Delany, Samuel R.: Triton
10: Dick, Philip K.: Dr. Bloodmoney
10: Disch, Thomas M.: 334
10: Finney, Jack: The Body Snatchers
10: Garcia Marquez, Gabriel: One Hundred Years of Solitude
10: Greenland, Colin: Take Back Plenty
10: Grimwood, Ken: Replay
10: Heinlein, Robert A.: The Puppet Masters
10: Holdstock, Robert: Mythago Wood
10: Morris, William: News from Nowhere, or An Epoch of Rest
10: Niffenegger, Audrey: The Time Traveler's Wife
10: Niven, Larry: Lucifer's Hammer
10: Niven, Larry: Oath of Fealty
10: Norton, Andre: Witch World
10: Peake, Mervyn: Titus Groan
10: Piercy, Marge: Woman on the Edge of Time
10: Pohl, Frederik: Man Plus
10: Rowling, J. K.: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
10: Ryman, Geoff: The Child Garden
10: Shelley, Mary: The Last Man
10: Silverberg, Robert: Lord Valentine's Castle
10: Smith, Edward E.: The Skylark of Space
8: Farmer, Philip Jose: The Lovers
8: Fowles, John: The Magus
8: Gernsback, Hugo: Ralph 124C 41+: A Romance of the Year 2660
8: Harrison, M. John: Light
8: Heinlein, Robert A.: Glory Road
8: Jones, Gwyneth: White Queen
8: Jordan, Robert: The Eye of the World
8: Le Guin, Ursula K.: Always Coming Home
8: Le Guin, Ursula K.: The Lathe of Heaven
8: Le Guin, Ursula K.: The Wind's Twelve Quarters
8: Leiber, Fritz: Conjure Wife
8: Leiber, Fritz: The Wanderer
8: Lem, Stanislaw: The Cyberiad
8: Martin, George R. R.: A Game of Thrones
8: Martin, George R. R.: Windhaven
8: Maturin, Charles: Melmoth the Wanderer
8: McIntyre, Vonda N.: Dreamsnake
8: Merritt, A.: The Moon Pool
8: Moore, Alan: Watchmen
8: Murphy, Pat: The Falling Woman
8: Niven, Larry: Footfall
8: Peake, Mervyn: Gormenghast
8: Peake, Mervyn: The Gormenghast Trilogy [series]
8: Pohl, Frederik: Gladiator-at-Law
8: Pohl, Frederik: Wolfbane
8: Pratchett, Terry: Good Omens
8: Priest, Christopher: The Prestige
8: Robinson, Kim Stanley: The Years of Rice and Salt
8: Russell, Mary Doria: The Sparrow
8: Shaw, Bob: Other Days, Other Eyes
8: Silverberg, Robert: Nightwings
8: Silverberg, Robert: The World Inside
8: Slonczewski, Joan: A Door Into Ocean
8: Spinrad, Norman: The Void Captain's Tale
8: Stableford, Brian: The Empire Of Fear
8: Stapledon, Olaf: Sirius
8: Stephenson, Neal: Cryptonomicon
8: Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Silmarillion
8: Varley, John: The Ophiuchi Hotline
8: Vinge, Joan D.: The Snow Queen
8: Vinge, Vernor: A Deepness in the Sky
8: Williamson, Jack: The Humanoids
8: Wolfe, Gene: The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories
7: Aldiss, Brian W.: Frankenstein Unbound
7: Ballard, J. G.: High-Rise
7: Banks, Iain M.: The Player of Games
7: Banks, Iain M.: The Wasp Factory
7: Barth, John: Giles Goat-Boy
7: Bear, Greg: Queen Of Angels
7: Bishop, Michael: Transfigurations
7: Boulle, Pierre: Planet of the Apes
7: Brunner, John: The Jagged Orbit
7: Budrys, Algis: Who?
7: Burroughs, William S.: Nova Express
7: Butler, Samuel: Erewhon, or Over the Range
7: Cadigan, Pat: Fools
7: Calvino, Italo: Invisible Cities
7: Carter, Angela: Heroes and Villains
7: Charnas, Suzy McKee: The Vampire Tapestry
7: Chesterton, G. K.: The Man Who Was Thursday
7: Conklin, Groff: The Best of Science Fiction
7: Delany, Samuel R.: Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand
7: Dunsany, Lord: The King of Elfland's Daughter
7: Eddings, David: Pawn of Prophecy
7: Effinger, George Alec: When Gravity Fails
7: Ellison, Harlan: Again, Dangerous Visions
7: Garner, Alan: The Owl Service
7: Gibson, William: Mona Lisa Overdrive
7: Gray, Alasdair: Lanark: A Life in Four Books
7: Griffith, Nicola: Ammonite
7: Harrison, Harry: The Stainless Steel Rat
7: Harrison, M. John: The Centauri Device
7: Heinlein, Robert A.: Time Enough for Love
7: Hesse, Hermann: The Glass Bead Game
7: Hodgson, William Hope: The Night Land
7: Lasswitz, Kurd: Two Planets
7: Leiber, Fritz: Our Lady of Darkness
7: Levin, Ira: Rosemary's Baby
7: Malzberg, Barry N.: Galaxies
7: McAuley, Paul J.: Fairyland
7: McCarthy, Cormac: The Road
7: McKillip, Patricia A.: The Riddle-Master of Hed
7: Merril, Judith: Shadow on the Hearth
7: Moorcock, Michael: Gloriana, or The Unfulfill'd Queen
7: Moorcock, Michael: The Final Programme
7: Morgan, Richard: Altered Carbon
7: Niven, Larry: Neutron Star
7: O'Brien, Flann: The Third Policeman
7: Pohl, Frederik: JEM
7: Rand, Ayn: Atlas Shrugged
7: Reynolds, Alastair: Revelation Space
7: Robinson, Kim Stanley: The Wild Shore
7: Rushdie, Salman: Grimus
7: Ryman, Geoff: The Unconquered Country
7: Sarban: The Sound of His Horn
7: Shaw, Bob: Orbitsville
7: Silverberg, Robert: A Time of Changes
7: Silverberg, Robert: Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume One
7: Smith, Cordwainer: The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith
7: Spinrad, Norman: The Iron Dream
7: Sterling, Bruce: Islands in the Net
7: Sterling, Bruce: Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology
7: Stross, Charles: Accelerando
7: Swanwick, Michael: Stations of the Tide
7: Swanwick, Michael: The Iron Dragon's Daughter
7: Wells, H. G.: The Short Stories of H.G. Wells
7: Wolfe, Gene: The Sword of the Lictor
6: Aldiss, Brian W.: The Malacia Tapestry
6: Amis, Kingsley: The Green Man
6: Anthony, Piers: A Spell for Chameleon
6: Asimov, Isaac: Foundation and Empire
6: Asimov, Isaac: The Naked Sun
6: Asimov, Isaac: The Robots of Dawn
6: Bacigalupi, Paolo: The Windup Girl
6: Banks, Iain M.: Use of Weapons
6: Bear, Greg: Darwin's Radio
6: Bear, Greg: The Forge of God
6: Benford, Gregory: Heart of the Comet
6: Benford, Gregory: Hitler Victorious
6: Benford, Gregory: In the Ocean of Night
6: Bleiler, Everett F.: The Best Science-Fiction Stories: 1949
6: Blish, James: Black Easter
6: Blish, James: Earthman, Come Home
6: Blish, James: The Day After Judgment
6: Blish, James: The Seedling Stars
6: Bradbury, Ray: The October Country
6: Brin, David: The Uplift War
6: Brown, Fredric: The Best of Fredric Brown
6: Budrys, Algis: Michaelmas
6: Bujold, Lois McMaster: Barrayar
6: Bujold, Lois McMaster: The Curse of Chalion
6: Bujold, Lois McMaster: The Vor Game
6: Butler, Octavia E.: Wild Seed
6: Campbell, John W., Jr.: Who Goes There?
6: Carroll, Jonathan: The Land of Laughs
6: Collins, Suzanne: The Hunger Games
6: Crowley, John: Aegypt
6: Davidson, Avram: Joyleg
6: de Camp, L. Sprague: The Land of Unreason
6: de Saint-Exupery, Antoine: The Little Prince
6: Elgin, Suzette Haden: Native Tongue
6: England, George Allan: Darkness and Dawn
6: Farmer, Philip Jose: Strange Relations
6: Finney, Charles G.: The Circus of Dr. Lao
6: Fowler, Karen Joy: Sarah Canary
6: Frank, Pat: Alas, Babylon
6: Gaiman, Neil: Neverwhere
6: Garner, Alan: The Weirdstone of Brisingamen
6: Gibson, William: Count Zero
6: Gibson, William: Pattern Recognition
6: Gibson, William: Virtual Light
6: Golding, William: The Inheritors
6: Heinlein, Robert A.: The Man Who Sold the Moon
6: Hilton, James: Lost Horizon
6: Ishiguro, Kazuo: Never Let Me Go
6: Jefferies, Richard: After London; or, Wild England
6: Jones, Gwyneth: Divine Endurance
6: King, Stephen: ' Salem's Lot
6: King, Stephen: It
6: Lessing, Doris: Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta
6: MacDonald, George: Lilith
6: Martin, George R. R.: Fevre Dream
6: McCann, Edson: Preferred Risk
6: Miller, Frank: The Dark Knight Returns
6: Mitchell, David: Cloud Atlas
6: Moorcock, Michael: Behold the Man
6: Moorcock, Michael: Stormbringer
6: Moorcock, Michael: The Dancers at the End of Time
6: More, Thomas: Utopia
6: Morrison, Toni: Beloved
6: Nolan, William F.: Logan's Run
6: Odle, E. V.: The Clockwork Man
6: Park, Paul: Coelestis
6: Poe, Edgar Allan: The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket
6: Pullman, Philip: Northern Lights [US title The Golden Compass]
6: Robinson, Kim Stanley: Green Mars
6: Robinson, Kim Stanley: Pacific Edge
6: Robinson, Spider: Stardance
6: Rushdie, Salman: The Satanic Verses
6: Sargent, Pamela: The Shore of Women
6: Schmitz, James H.: The Witches of Karres
6: Shepard, Lucius: The Jaguar Hunter
6: Shute, Nevil: On the Beach
6: Simak, Clifford D.: Ring Around the Sun
6: Sladek, John: Roderick
6: Sladek, John: The Müller-Fokker Effect
6: Stewart, Mary: The Crystal Cave
6: Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris: Hard to Be a God
6: Sturgeon, Theodore: The Dreaming Jewels
6: Swanwick, Michael: Vacuum Flowers
6: Tevis, Walter S.: The Man Who Fell to Earth
6: Tucker, Wilson: The Year of the Quiet Sun
6: Turner, George: The Sea and Summer
6: van Vogt, A. E.: The Weapon Shops of Isher
6: Vance, Jack: Emphyrio
6: Varley, John: The Persistence of Vision
6: Varley, John: Titan
6: Wells, H. G.: The Food of the Gods
6: Williamson, Jack: The Legion of Space
6: Wolfe, Gene: The Claw of the Conciliator
6: Wollheim, Donald A.: The World's Best Science Fiction: 1965
6: Wright, Austin Tappan: Islandia
6: Wright, S. Fowler: The World Below
6: Zebrowski, George: Macrolife
6: Zelazny, Roger: The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth

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