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This tally is a raw count of titles referenced by the Citation Sources so far compiled, listed at Citations Directory. This ranking will be refined as more sources are added, and sources are weighted.

16: Orwell, George: Nineteen Eighty-Four
13: Huxley, Aldous: Brave New World
13: Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Lord of the Rings
12: Herbert, Frank: Dune
11: Bradbury, Ray: The Martian Chronicles
11: Burgess, Anthony: A Clockwork Orange
10: Bradbury, Ray: Fahrenheit 451
10: Healy, Raymond J.: Adventures in Time and Space
10: Heinlein, Robert A.: Stranger in a Strange Land
10: Pohl, Frederik: The Space Merchants
9: Adams, Douglas: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
9: Adams, Richard: Watership Down
9: Asimov, Isaac: The Foundation Trilogy
9: Clarke, Arthur C.: Childhood's End
9: Gibson, William: Neuromancer
9: Le Guin, Ursula K.: The Left Hand of Darkness
9: Miller, Walter M., Jr.: A Canticle for Leibowitz
9: Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.: Slaughterhouse-Five
8: Bester, Alfred: The Demolished Man
8: Card, Orson Scott: Ender's Game
8: Ellison, Harlan: The Essential Ellison: A 35-Year Retrospective
8: Niven, Larry: The Mote in God's Eye
8: Orwell, George: Animal Farm
8: Sturgeon, Theodore: More Than Human
7: Bester, Alfred: The Stars My Destination
7: Brunner, John: Stand on Zanzibar
7: Clement, Hal: Mission of Gravity
7: Golding, William: Lord of the Flies
7: King, Stephen: The Stand
6: Clarke, Arthur C.: 2001: A Space Odyssey
6: Clarke, Arthur C.: Rendezvous with Rama
6: Clarke, Arthur C.: The City and the Stars
6: Dick, Philip K.: The Man in the High Castle
6: Heinlein, Robert A.: Starship Troopers
6: Le Guin, Ursula K.: The Dispossessed
6: Niven, Larry: Ringworld
6: Rushdie, Salman: Midnight's Children
6: Smith, Cordwainer: The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith
6: Tolkien, J. R. R.: The Hobbit
6: Wells, H. G.: The Time Machine
6: Wells, H. G.: The War of the Worlds
6: Wolfe, Gene: The Book of the New Sun

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