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Subtitled, "A Critical and Historical Guide to Literature, Illustration, Film, TV, Radio, and the Internet", this is a massive reference work with numerous contributors analogous to Barron's science fiction volume Anatomy of Wonder, which ran to five editions. The central section, "The Primary Literature", consists of short descriptions of several thousand titles from 1762 to 1998, arranged by period, from annotators including Brian Stableford and Stefan Dziemianowicz.

Ranked: No

Titles Cited: 877

Publication: book, 1999

Compile Notes
Compiled in this database (so far) are titles published from 1950 and later, drawn from two sections on horror and fantasy that cover that period. In addition, a section of "best books" listings (p657ff) identify those titles with one or two stars, identifying first-purchase and most essential books. Listed below are the two-star titles, most essential; though note that in several cases books all books in a series are granted two stars based on text descriptions within main entries of the first series title. Additional titles are listed here -->.

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