James Mustich, 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die: A Life-Changing List

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This compilation, by the co-founder of the mail-order catalog A Common Reader in 1986 and later founder of the Barnes & Noble Review, is arranged alphatically by author, with single titles for each in the majority of cases. Of the 87 compiled titles here, 72 have individual entries under their authors; the others are arranged in "More to Explore" sidebars for space opera (Moore, Niven, Baxter), ghost stories (Lovecraft, Jackson, Kirk, Straub, Smith), heroic fantasy (Eddison, Vance, Leiber, Alexander, Moorcock, Martin), and a "Booknote" sidebar (Rice). Each main entry also includes other titles by the same author or of relevant interest, totaling many thousands; these are not compiled here.

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Titles Cited: 87

Publication: Workman, 2018

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